About Coot Whack Auto Sales and Repair

Our mission is to treat everyone that enters our Selma used car lot like family and make them feel that our establishment is the place they want to be. We make sure that every transaction is honest, and all of our dealers have core principles such as integrity and loyalty.

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Coot Whack Auto Sales- Deandre Russell

We consider Coot Whack Auto Sales and repair the best-used car dealership in Selma, NC. Our reputation is very important to us and we want to meet everyone that enters our lot expectations. We make sure that people who leave our car lot, are satisfied and confident that they have purchased a premium quality used car that fits their needs.

Values of Coot Whack Auto Sales and Repair

Everyone that works with us understands that our establishment is an enjoyable, positive, and consistent workplace. We make sure that all of our mechanics and dealers are enjoying what they do and love to be here every day. Every employee here has a clear understanding of what work needs to be done and how to serve each customer that enters our lot.

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We also want customers to return to us or refer us to friends and family, therefore, long term loyalty is one of our core values. Our mechanics do not look for quick fixes or believe in taking short cuts to make a sale. We ensure that every car is in the best condition and will last, our mechanics are highly qualified and guarantee that you will not have any problems with your vehicles anytime soon.
Stop by Coot Auto Sales and Repair today or message, and connect with us and we will put you in the car of your dreams, meet our team today!

Coot Whack Auto Sales and RepairOwner- Deandre Russell                 (919)280-1764

Coot Whack Auto Sales and Repair Master Mechanic – Joe Whack                      (702) 934-0809

Coot Whack Auto Sales and Repair Master Mechanic -Horace Whack 
(252) 315-2476

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Coot Whack Auto Sales and Repair                          710 Webb St. Selma, NC 27576                                       (919)2801764